Typically narcissistic blogging.

The Job Hunt, Part II

I think I have eliminated self-sabotage via cover letter as an option for handling unemployment-related depression. However, we may revisit this option later.

In the current economy, people are applying to jobs for which they are entirely overqualified. This would be depressing to anybody. I’ve been a student most of my life. I have two graduate degrees, but I’m not overqualified for anything. Just overeducated–unless, of course, that office job requires me to be able to read Latin. Ministerium consulatorium rerum technicarum tibi gratias agit quod uocauisti

It’s easy to tell myself there’s going to be nothing out there for me. Easy to focus on anything but the job hunt. So I have two job hunt-related goals:

  1. Apply to at least one job a day.
  2. Apply to at least one job a week that I would be really excited to go to every day.

The first one is occasionally a challenge—there are days when I look at the job boards and see nothing. Those days I have to search farther afield for listings. I have to remember to look not just at private companies, but at county, state, and federal options. To go directly to company web sites—they aren’t necessarily posting all or any of their jobs on Craigslist. To even glance at that dreadful EDD job bank. And so on.

The second one is a serious challenge. Finding a job I could fall in love with when I can barely find jobs to which I can apply is like finding a unicorn. Finding a unicorn once a week is…unlikely. Most jobs out there are just donkeys with plungers stuck to their faces.

I found a unicorn yesterday that is still making me smile today. I might not get the job, but now I have a little more hope to get me through all the donkeys out there.

To be continued…

One response

  1. Vince

    I know how you feel. I apply for at least one job a day, but I seldome even find one that sounds “ok” let alone one I’d love. I’ve called it rocking horse dung…. You try looking for that for the garden! Keep your spirits up ( and by that I mean whisky)

    September 9, 2010 at 11:45 am

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