Typically narcissistic blogging.

Ways In Which I Am Still A Kid

1. Vitamins

I am awful about taking vitamins. However, if they are in gummy form I take them religiously. I wake up, and I see the bottle and I think, “YAY! GUMMY!” and then I take my vitamins and I am very proud of myself. Sometimes I do a little YAY GUMMY  dance (which is totally different from the GAY YUMMY dance, btw), but you don’t get to see that.

2. Dogs

I can’t actually pass by a dog without stopping to talk to it, pet it, play, romp, or roll around on the ground with it (depending on what is on the ground, near the ground, or where that ground might be). Every woman I have ever dated has started off somewhere on the spectrum between Annoyed and Impatient about this, but ended up somewhere between Charmed and Delighted. So I’m gonna go ahead and say that I must be pretty cute about dogs from an outside perspective.

3. Cookie jars

Cookie jars are irresistible. Especially when they are high enough I have to climb onto a counter to get to them. And really extra super especially if they have Oreos in them. If you ever find me with my hand in your cookie jar (and I mean your literal cookie jar), that’s why.

4. Money

I know it comes from somewhere, and I wish I had a bigger allowance.

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