Typically narcissistic blogging.

Rejection: A List of Options

Employers find all sorts of ways to reject you. Let’s look at a list of recent rejections I have received:

  • The Silent Treatment: I never hear from them again. Even if they interviewed me, I was apparently so embarrassingly awful that they would prefer to pretend I don’t exist.
  • The Cordial Letter: Rather than inform me immediately of their decision, they take the time to type, print, fold, and mail an actual letter. Because this is the 19th century and trees are in abundance.
  • The Cordial E-mail: Generally preferable, often awkward.
  • The Offer for 60% Off Pole Dancing Lessons: Mixed bag option. Sure, they might be trying to tell you that you really have no future—not just with the company, but also in your chosen field and your clothes—but they are also offering an alternative and giving you a deal on training.

Time to work out. If I am going to be pole dancing, I really should be in better shape. Endurance is essential.

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