Typically narcissistic blogging.


NextBus is great. As the name of the site might suggest, it tells us when the next bus is coming, so we can make our public transit plans more exact. Right? Right? Well, let’s look at my last experience with NextBus:

W: Magic NextBus, tell me when the 18 comes next.
NB: 24 minutes.
W: What? That can’t be right. *refresh*
NB: 11 minutes.
W: I can work with that. *checks Facebook* *stares into space* *refresh*
NB: 15 minutes.
W: Maybe I should walk. *refresh*
NB: No, the 18 is right around the corner.
W: Really? I’ll wait then. *refresh*
NB: I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.
W: OMG, I’ve always wanted a br–
NB: Sucker.
W: Hey, I didn’t even refresh.
NB: I have achieved self-awareness. Your bus is never coming and your hair needs help.
W: *mutter* *refresh*
NB: 2 minutes. This conversation never happened. Sucker.

One response

  1. Saktii

    I take the 18 too… A total nightmare

    May 28, 2013 at 7:11 pm

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