Typically narcissistic blogging.

Babysitting P: The Reckoning

Some of you may remember my first post on Conversational Adventures in Babysitting. Today, we have Part Deux, from last night’s babysitting session, which spilled over into this morning. (For those of you playing along at home, P is working her way up to being 5 years old.)

P: I have a test tomorrow for Tae Kwon Do.

WP: I am glad you know self defense. If we go out you can protect me.
P: Yeah, but you still hafta take care of me.
WP: Okay, sounds like a deal.
P: Yeah, you take care of me and I protect you.
WP: Let’s shake on it.

WP: Monsters like that don’t exist.

P: Not like bumblebees and wasps.
WP: No, those are real, you don’t wanna mess with them.
P: You don’t want to eat them, either. Ouch.
WP: *pause* Um.
P: That’s what I think, anyway.

P: Okay, I give you this picture now, and then you make me a picture later. Deal!

WP: Well, aren’t you just wheelin’ and dealin’ tonight?
P: I do that.
WP: You do?
P: Yes!

At 6:26am

P: We don’t have to sleep anymore. We can play now.

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