Typically narcissistic blogging.

A Quick Followup

When I wrote When Privacy Law Backfires, it was out of fear and disgust with the way in which the law is being woefully mishandled. Thankfully I am not the only one. Read John DeFeo’s opinion, here:

Americans will not recover economically if they live in fear of their government. Our success as a nation comes from the free-thinking and creativity that our constitutional rights afford.

I know y’all are all up in arms about BART’s ridiculous cell phone shutdown—and I do not deny that you should be. I just want to make sure you guys are paying attention to the other ways in which our rights and the law are being slapped around. The importance of this can’t possibly escape you.

ETA: YAY! That link is to the decision from the First Circuit Court of Appeals, which states:

Ensuring the public’s right to gather information about their officials not only aids in the uncovering of abuses…but also may have a salutary effect on the functioning of government more generally[.]

If you don’t feel like reading the opinion, here’s an article.

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