Typically narcissistic blogging.

Steve Jobs, RIP

My first computer was an Apple IIe. When I finally replaced it, it was with a Mac Classic. I’m writing this on a MacBook. I work for an iPhone app startup. My next computer will be purchased from the Apple store. Steve Jobs has been a figure familiar to me for 27 years. That 7-year-old who played Zork on that IIe is having a hard time adjusting to the idea that he turned out not to be immortal.

On the other hand the adult in me figures, if immortality is not life itself, but what you create, envision, and leave behind, then motherfuckin’ Steve Jobs may very well live forever.

The king is dead. Long live the king.

One response

  1. Paul Eykamp

    Apple II (32K(!)), IIe, Mac SE, Performa pizza box, G4 Tower, G3 Mac Book, G5 Cheese Grater, iMac Intel i3, iPhone when they come in…, iMac Intel i7 maybe next year…

    October 8, 2011 at 12:19 am

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