Typically narcissistic blogging.

Thank You

Since I posted “Suicide” yesterday I have received no fewer than a dozen private replies in addition to the comments on this blog. A few just to thank me, most to tell me that the post resonated, that they could relate. Some to tell me that it was a relief to know—not just that somebody else out there experiences the same, or similar, but that there is somebody they can tell who won’t freak out, or coddle them, or make that annoying concerned face, or see them any differently.

To those people, and to those who have already commented on the blog (and to any future commenters on shared experience, private or public) I would like to say, thank you. Every response means a lot, especially as publishing that post was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. It almost didn’t make it to the blog, and when I finally clicked “Publish” it was with my eyes shut tight and jaw clenched. Every response I have gotten has validated that choice, as that was the point of writing it in the first place.

So, thank you for responding. Thank you for your stories. To my friends, thank you for your seemingly infinite support and love. And for not sending the cops over to my house to check things out. And, if you are freaking out, thanks for doing it quietly.

To reward you, I was going to post a bunch of funny pictures, but then I got sucked into an alternate universe called “Google Image” and when I finally made it back, this was the only image I had:

Yeah, I don’t know.
But I like it.

But to make up for that failure, I also give you: Ferris Bueller.

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